the NüMoo story

We started NüMoo, to help aid in the growing need to raise awareness for global sustainability of foods. We’ve handcrafted our delicious plant based nut-milks, using all clean ingredients. Our proprietary milling technique, uses the entire nut with zero waste. Never any gums or extracts. Only real organic stuff!

All of our creations are USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. We hope you enjoy all NüMoo has to offer, and enjoy our real nut milks!


The equation


Joseph Savino "Joey" has worked in the food & hospitality industry for 13 years and also has experience in graphic design & commercial kitchen production. Before staring NuMoo, Joseph worked in Finance, working in forecasting of agricultural trends. After personally transitioning to a vegan based diet, Joseph realized the full potential of plant foods made with only clean ingredients, and the lack of current products on shelf. When he catches free time, Joseph can be found practicing Yoga in his hometown studio.

"When people think of almond milk now, they’re thinking of the big players out there in gable top cartons, which really aren’t almond milk. They’re not clean [label] ingredients. It’s not something you would make at home. We’re looking to take almond milk and make it exactly the way you would create it in your kitchen, except we’re doing it in a ready-to-drink format" - Joseph Savino, CoFounder of NüMoo

Dave Milburn, A Johnson & Wales Graduate, brings a professional streamlined vision for production and sourcing of ingredients. Often working alongside farms to ensure the best quality nuts & dry goods, David’s understanding of seasonal cycles, enables him to source products at peak season. With a chef’s pallet, David is entrusted to create new and exciting flavors, driving innovation. David’s experience even extends to even chic New York City Restaurants, such as Duck’s Eatery, in which he is an owner.