What's in the bottle?

naturally Nuts

At NuMoo, we use 100% of the Nuts & Dates with ZERO Waste or By-product. Made with 8 Real Ingredients or Less, with NO Gums or Stabilizers, our Nut-Milks are Created in the Purest Form.

All Varieties are Sweet with Whole Dates or Maple Syrup, NOT Sugar, Giving Natural Sweetness. USDA Organic, Non-GMO, & Vegan. #NuMoo

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You’ll notice each bottle of NüMoo takes inspiration from childhood favorites in terms of flavor profile, but are made without BS. (.

Tasty Benefits

All of our nut milks pack plenty of tasty benefits, such as our chocolate nut milks, which boast a high level of antioxidants.


You hate pesticides and GMOs; and so do we! At NüMoo we use only 100% real organic ingredients.


All of our ingredients are sourced ethically and are 100% traceable.


Health is wealth and at NüMoo we are committed to helping you lead a healthy lifestyle. Each flavor has been crafted to be delicious and nutritious.


We chew gum sometimes, but prefer not to have it our nut milks!